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Synonyms, Connectors, and Latin Words pre-set to help you search case law with EZ Caselaw's Smart search bar.

I was able to do 6 hours of case law research in just 22 minutes! -- TMSL Student

Westlaw or Lexis Advance account required prior to subscribing



1 minute to install

At EZ Caselaw we have realized how complex the existing legal data libraries are to naviguate, this is why EZ Caselaw is comitted to creating a user friendly plug-in that automatically pops up when you login to your Lexis Advance and Westlaw account. It uses a process step to guide you through the plug-in and your searches. We have included a short step by step tutorial if needed.


2 minutes to filter

We have noticed the complexity of inputting connectors, searching for synonyms and latin words. The stress and time consumption of trying over and over again, different combinations, different words, different synonyms until you find good caselaw. This is why we created a simple plugin that includes all of the above features. The only task left for you to do, is select the options wanted and input the key words you want our plugin to research for you. We included a REFINE button for you to select which synonyms and latin words you wish to select.


3 minutes to find your results

The most stressful component of caselaw research is the trial and error searches that ultimately bring you to the wanted case. At EZ Caselaw we have optimized the search so that you see how many combinations will be tested in your search before pressing ENTER. Once you have decided on the options, synonyms and latin words, press ENTER and watch us do the work for you.

How to Search
with EZCaseLaw for Lexis-Nexis?

How to Search
with EZCaseLaw for Westlaw?


Features Paid plan
Access to 10,000+ searches in 1 click
All synonyms available (up to 20+ synonyms per word)
All connectors: AND, OR, Same Paragraph, Same Sentence, Same Word Group
Filters: Jurisdictions, Practice, Types of Law
Latin words
unlimited synonyms
latin words
all connectors